LONDON, baby!

Jap, I'm  going to London. Two weaks more =) I fell inlove with that city, when I was there for the first time. It's not just shopping. It's everything! Very polite and kind people, bars and the whole atmosphere. I can't get enough of it. I'm sure I'll be living in London one day.


As they did it before

I really liked the D&G finale at Fall 2010, with all those model marching down the runway. And this time they did the same at S/S 2011. I love it.

Fall 2010, Milan


First post after The Big Bang

As I said in the Big Bang post, i'll try to post something about my personal life too.
I really love traveling. I haven't been outside the Europe yet, but I think I visited about half European countries. If I had time (and money) I'd love to visit New York, Nigeria, Russia,(witch is actually Europe), Japan, Cuba,...Mybe when I grow up. So here are few photos from Turkey (2 years ago) (loads of photos, sorry)

Hagia Sophia

The Big Bang

I finally decided to write a blog. I don't think it will be fashion blog only. Well maybe.
However, I'll try to post ˝my personal life˝ too.

I decided to write (the blog) just because, there are some things I'd like to share with other people. ˝Why don't you share it with your friends?˝ are you asking. Mostly because they are not that into fashion. And it's not that much fun talking about things with all the enthusiasm and not getting any feedback. Well the last sentence is very optimistic, isn't it? I can not know how much feedback I'll get here, but Hey! You can never know, if you don't try.

Farewell, lovelies