Raaawr! Panther at Givenchy and of course.... in Zara

"I've seen this before! Where, is the question. Of course! Zara!" Were first unspoken words that came into my head after I opened the first picture. Zara actually is one big knock off store,but I love it anyway. 


Not as high as usual... Chanel

It might be a bit late (or soon), however I finally managed to see  fall collections. I was pretty amazed by the fact, that pre-fall Chanel collection was made with very few high heels. I've seen loads of flats and few mid heels which I consideer very refreshing. Before, there were sky high heels and later kitten heels and now,... no heels. I really like the idea, specially because I don't wear high heels. At least not in public. 
Back to the collection. 
Loads of gold and"blingbling", Blue, black, plum, golden brown and gray were the dominating colours.  Another thing is that it looks very royal (different centuries). I really like the gold jacket, blue embelished coat and very embelished sandals. 
Me likey likey.

(there is more)


It's time....

I think is time to start writing this blog more seriously and it's time for a new baby!
By baby I don't mean human being, but something new.
Something a bit pricy. 
Something that my budget allows me to buy only once a year.
This time I fall in love with Prada sunglasses. I like whole s/s 2011 collection, but I really, really want sunglases. They are different and what I really like about them, is that they remind me of Willy Wonka which is one of my favourite movies. We don't have Prada in our country so.... Venice here I come :)

Farewell lovelies.


"Cheap" Versace

Well Versace was never cheap, but it will be cheaper, because Donatella has decided to cooperate with H&M!!

Studs and leather she said. What more could I wish for!
The colection will hit the stores 19th November. 
  Rock'n'roll is back on the track.