Silver craving

I'm looking for them for a while now. Silver shoes, that is. Since I live in a very small country is hard to find stand out pieces. 
And Zara really nailed it this time. 


What about going to Madrid?

I was just spending a little bit of time (actually a lot of  time)  surfing on the internet and I discovered, so called, Prize draw, by Stradivarius.


Such a good girl...

Well I know I said I'll become more regular in writing posts, but still. I was such a good girl for a past  two weeks; I've finally cleaned my closet and made a bit more room for clothes,  I've red 5 books (well three of them were pretty short) and I also made a painting for my room (It's simple, but I like it anyway).

So bellow are the pictures of my so called "work". :)


Is it Burberry or YSL?

In one of the next posts I'll explain myself why I didn't write anything for past two weaks. 
But now I'll cotinue where I stopped; fashion shows for Fall 2011.
I really love Burberry Prorsum collections. I loved previous Fall 2010 and Summer 2011.  
In Pre-Fall I noticed loads of fur and black. Boots are knee height (they stop right on the knee) and pants are... well, they are bell bottoms. I'm really not used to this kind of trausers anymore, despite the fact they have appeared in past few seasons. I fell so good in skinny jeans and we'll see how soon I will swap them for a pair of bell bottoms (if that happens). Pleats appears on long dresses along with the black leather belt. To sum up; bell bottoms, pleats, dark colours and long dresses in Burberry Pre-Fall 2011.