Raaawr! Panther at Givenchy and of course.... in Zara

"I've seen this before! Where, is the question. Of course! Zara!" Were first unspoken words that came into my head after I opened the first picture. Zara actually is one big knock off store,but I love it anyway. 

Back to collection: I think it looks comfy, specially look-a-like) cashmere and velvet, and rough on the other hand (leather!!!).  Sheer skirts are apparently still the It-item, only they forgot few inches back  in summer. As said before there is a lot of velvet and leather, which is my favourite material, well faux one I like more, but still. Again blue and black are dominating colours and again, I have a feeling that collection is inspired by japaneese culture.

(pictures from elle)

Farewell lovelies.

P.S. I've seen panther shirts in Zara. Not blouses. Yet :P


  1. Yap, the patterns are beautiful!

  2. i loveeeeeeee zara. and your blogg is simply beautiful and fun and i love your posts(: