Not as high as usual... Chanel

It might be a bit late (or soon), however I finally managed to see  fall collections. I was pretty amazed by the fact, that pre-fall Chanel collection was made with very few high heels. I've seen loads of flats and few mid heels which I consideer very refreshing. Before, there were sky high heels and later kitten heels and now,... no heels. I really like the idea, specially because I don't wear high heels. At least not in public. 
Back to the collection. 
Loads of gold and"blingbling", Blue, black, plum, golden brown and gray were the dominating colours.  Another thing is that it looks very royal (different centuries). I really like the gold jacket, blue embelished coat and very embelished sandals. 
Me likey likey.

(there is more)

About the fall collection: It looks more boyish a bit japaneese (some cuts look like samurais) but I kind of like it anyway. Loads of black and gray and loads of layering, which is actually expected for winter. Very interesting, maybe even odd, are rolled up wide pants and again, small number of heels. I think, tailoring is a bit freakish too, because some models look like swollen pinguins (don't ever let Lagerfeld read this!) . I like blue embelished jacket (on the last picture) and glitter shoes(on the first one).

(all pictures from elle )

Farewell lovelies.

P.S. I have some DIY ideas ;P

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