First post after The Big Bang

As I said in the Big Bang post, i'll try to post something about my personal life too.
I really love traveling. I haven't been outside the Europe yet, but I think I visited about half European countries. If I had time (and money) I'd love to visit New York, Nigeria, Russia,(witch is actually Europe), Japan, Cuba,...Mybe when I grow up. So here are few photos from Turkey (2 years ago) (loads of photos, sorry)

Hagia Sophia

Columns behind one of the mosques

Ceiling in one of the small ˝chapels˝

Me, happy finding a Starbucks

Who's the boss?

Amfitheater (we decided to sing a song there and people listend)

Corner somewhere around Virgin Mary's house

Posing (actually I was really, really, really tired)
Making a bread for sishkebab (very, very numnum)

Another pose in Pamukkale

Farewell, lovelies

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