What happend with musicians?

Ok, I do understand that sex sells, but really?

What is going on with Rihanna? She loves the way people lie to her, loves the way it burns and has no problems with masochism and sadism.Obviously. Yes there are different people and different needs, but where is the limit? Gaga wears meat dress and Riri is obviously trying to be as scandelous as her, when she sings about "sex in the air" (which reminds me of those medival torturing maschines). I wonder if Gaga will actually release her " Sperm & Blood" perfume and who will be first singing about awsomeness of rape, necrophilia and abuse of children (which are very wrong in my opinion).

P.S. Yes, songs do have "deaper" meaning, but do you really have to express it like that?

Farewell, lovelies

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