I need clothes but I don't feel like shopping

I need new clothes, because I have nothing to wear and is already pretty hot. I go shopping but when I'm in store I don't feel like trying things on, because I consider them boring. 
I also think our shops have nothing interesting enough to actually buy it. That's why,  I think I should go to London again. But unfortunately prices for plain tickets shot up like crazy and I should save a little bit, because I'm going to Spain in September !!! And ZARA there is much cheaper and they have more stuff!

However, I really like buying accessories because you don't need to try it on!And the last things I bought are:

this H&M FAA scarf 
(I like colours-very neutral and it was only 7.95€! )

Earings(2.95€) and satchel in New yorker for 22.95€- bargain!

(I love the colour and the size which are the main reasons I bought it. When I first saw it I just knew I've seen it before and days later I went back and bought it. Then at home I realised it actually is Cambridge satchel knock off...and I don't like knock offs too much:/  Bag anyway is amazing.)

Thanks for reading, lovelies!