Sales part 1

I love sales and of course, as everywhere else, there are pros and cons. I made a short list of them and I also wrote how I shop on sales.

"The List N°1":

+ everything is cheaper and you can find a real bargain
+ you can usualy find stuff, that no one else wanted, so your pieces are much less common than the "sold out" ones (except for expensive brands, where production is not as massive as in high-end shops)
- sometimes it can get really crowded, which (in shops) irritates me
- clothes get all sorts of stains on them and some things are even ripped

"The List N°2"

*I don't go shopping on the first day of sales. I wait for a few days so there is not as much crowd as it is in first days
*I check if the clothes are OK (I don't buy the ripped ones, because I'm lo lazy to sew)
*I (try to ) think if I am actually going to wear that item or am I excited about it, just because item is reduced
*I buy more expensive things (or better said things that were expensive), like jackets and other "big" pieces.
*I also don't mind buying warmer things on summer sales, because I'm going to use them few months later. And vice versa. Why not buying a coat in summer, although it is 30°C outside, if it is as warm as one which will be full price 3 months later. Zara offten has few coats in summer or few ballerinas or shorts in winter

I don't know if this was helpful, but if it was (or if you have any tips), let me know.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)

P.S. In part two I'll show what I bought. :)


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    Steven B.

  2. I see we two are totally the same type when it comes to sales :D I always go on last weeks of sales to hunt for some awesome 'candies' This year i bought 4 coats at once but i just couldnt resist the price :D